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Resources & Ideas for Using Biographies in the Classroom

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The Value of Biographies in the Classroom Setting

When asked which books have influenced or inspired them, many national and international leaders reply with the title of a biography or autobiography. It used to be common for young students to read Plutarch's Lives or Shakespeare's historical dramas. Nowadays, however, students are more apt to read about the lives of music or movie stars in popular magazines. Historical figures, encountered only briefly in textbooks, remain remote and drab, rather than vital human beings to whom students can personally relate. In the Live of series of books, Kathleen Krull gives life to men and women, from ancient to modern times, from a variety of cultures, who have had a major impact on the history and daily life of the world. When students read about the problems, foibles, and humorous incidents in historical figures' lives, in addition to their accomplishments, they come to know these figures as flesh and blood people, not just as cardboard cutouts from "back then." This guide is intended for use in grades two through eight, and can be used if you have access to one, several, or all of the books.
by Mary Lou Meerson, from Harcourt "Lives of" study guide, copyright © 2000 by Harcourt, Inc.  Published by Harcourt, Inc. and reproduced with permission.  All rights reserved.

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